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The sangu knit lands group

  • Having started modestly with just 10 machines, we have grown to have 230 machines in the current set-up.
    We have hi-tech machines for each functional operation viz. knitting, dyeing, compacting, stitching, printing and Embroidery.
Total Production Capacity/Month :

Underwear : 400,000 Pcs
Night wear : 160,000 Sets
T-shirts/polos: 200,000 Pcs

The Infrastructure that we possess is perhaps one of our biggest strengths. Having started modestly with just 10 machines, we have grown t0 230 machines in the current setup. we have hi-tech machines for each of the functional operation viz Knitting, Dyeing, Compacting, Stitching, Printing and embroidery.


Jacob muller : 2 machines – switzerland make
Production capacity/day : 75000 x 2 labels
Print label : 1 machine - India make
Production capacity/day : 9000 labels (single color)

Right quality @ right Time with Right Price


Knitting is the first phase in the production process. The unit comprises of 32 nos. of the imported Knitting machines 'Pailung'.

Nos of Pailung : 32 imported knitting Machines
Machine Details : 24 GG ,with all Feeder Spandex

Single Jersy, Interlock ,Rib, Pointel Rib & Autostripper machines


Soft Flow Capacity/Day : 3650 kilograms
Manual Winch/Day : 1100 kilograms
Relax Dryer/ Day : 7000 kilograms
Ballon Padding machine : 2 numbers

Compacting & Steam Calendaring

We have state –of-the-art machinery for the functions of Compacting & Steam Calendaring

Comapcting : 2 Spectro Rimer make machines
Capacity/Day : 7000 kilograms
Steam Calendaring : Mmalwa machine 2 Weiss make machines
Capacity/Day : 10,000 kilograms


KH : 4 machines –Taiwan make
Production Capacity/Day : 1000 x 4 collars


Comez : 5 Machines –Italy make
Production Capacity /day : 2500 meters(20mm)


To take care of the intricacy that embroidery demands, We have specially imported machines. The renowned Tajima machines are used for embroidery. There are 3 machines, each consisting of 20 heads.

Tajima – Double Sequence : 9 Colors 18 Heads. Area 800 x 400 – 1 No
Tajima : 9 Colors 18 Heads ,Area 640 x 400 -1 No
9 Colors 20 Heads – 1 No


We have comprehensive printing facilities for Chest Printing & Table Printing.

Chest Printing machines : Manual 8 colors - 6 numbers
Production Capacity/day : 3000 pieces
Table Printing : 2 numbers of 180 feet each


To facilitate sewing operations, we have the latest imported machines.

Sewing machines : 230 numbers latest imported machines
Brands : Pegasus, Siruba, Yamota, Juki & Brother
Cutting machines : 2 numbers of KM make Band Knife machines

Stitching production capacity /month :
Underwear : 400,000 Pcs
Nightwear : 160,000 Sets
T-shirts/ polos : 200,000 Pcs

Employee Welfare

Staff are trained and motivated with adequate training programmes. Staff are facilitated with social security benefits – Mediclaim Insurance policies

Adequate health and safety training programmes are provided to our employees

In Future

To compete in the highly competitive field, we are working hardly to bring all the facilities on own, for which a new spinning mill is under construction.